KOR – Deep Whitening

Smile White – Smile Bright – Smile Right!

It is safe to say that everyone smiles a little bigger when they’ve got nice pearly whites to show off. At Oak Tree Family Dentistry, we pride ourselves in giving you the whiter teeth you’re looking for.

Our team is professionally trained and a proud provider of the Kor Whitening Bleaching System. Kor Whitening system provides a safe, easy to use, less sensitive whitening that gives your teeth a beautiful, natural white color. In the Greater New Orleans area, we strive to be the best in helping you achieve that whiter teeth with Kor Whitening.


So how does KOR Whitening Deep Bleach System work?

Kor Whitening Deep Bleach System works by restoring your teeth’s ability to absorb oxygen. The oxygen from Kor’s whitening gel is absorbed deeply into your teeth, dissolving all stain molecules, leaving your teeth perfectly white. Kor whitening products have been clinically proven safe on thousands of patients without harming teeth or gums.

Easy 3 Steps Process:

1) We will work with you to make personal molds of your teeth so that you can have your own self-sealing, custom-fit whitening trays.

2) After the delivery of the custom fabricated trays, you will wear the Kor whitening trays for two weeks at home overnight while you sleep.

3) The Kor whitening system is completed by a final visit at our office with one of our dental professionals following your two-week bleach treatment, to evaluate the final results and ensure your satisfaction. A separate, optional in-office component may be utilized to boost whitening, if desired.

This system offers the best in whitening science, and is by far the best whitening package available today.

At Oak Tree Family Dentistry, we are confident in our ability to bring natural, impressive whitening to your smile. Smile bigger and brighter with Kor Whitening system. Have questions? Call today to learn more about how to we can help create a whiter smile for you.