Our Vision: Impeccable service and complete health practice to feel great, be healthier and look better!

Our Purpose: We strengthen and enrich the quality of people’s lives, starting with our own. 

Our Values: S M I L E S 

Selfless     Meaningful experiences     Integrity     Live by example     Exceed expections     Sincere   


    Dr. Cuong Nguyen and Dr. Fen Tseng, a husband and wife team, created Oak Tree Family Dentistry deeply rooted in compassion. We are forever grateful. Our team strengthens each other. We are blessed to be united among the most caring, selfless team each and every day. You all inspire us. We believe in uncovering the stories behind every smile. Just like the mighty oak trees over several hundred years old, we set out each and every day to establish meaningful relationships meant to inspire a lifetime of smiles. Come visit and share your dreams with us!

Dr. Fen Tseng — Dr. Cuong Nguyen — Dr. Michelle Ngo